Small Group sessions

Yoga with Guided meditation and Pilates mat


 All Levels - slow flow with guided  meditation for relaxation

 Wednesday 5:30 pm - rsvp

New sessions:

 Tuesday 12:00 noon 

Pilates mat session:

with small equipment: balls, bands, magic circle

 Monday 12:00 noon

 Thursday 12:00 noon

Monthly Ceremony

Ceremony will be scheduled around the time of the full moon.  The sessions will begin with breath work, setting an intent based on the curriculum of the session and the self need. A ceremony can also involve simple yin yoga on mat.  

Small Group Sessions

Small group maximum is 5 

$52.00 Month for 1x week

$77.00 Month for 2x week

options available.


First session, with evaluation and goal setting, plus work out $75.00.

Pilates apparatus privates:

  4 sessions/mo = $272.00 

   8 sessions/mo =$499.00

Yoga Privates: 50 minute sessions

   1 x week (4) = $199.00 month

Personal Training Privates:

    1x week (4)  = $199.00 month

     2x week (8) = $399.00 month

Reiki Healing Touch

   Recommended offering $75.00 session

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